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User's Guide

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00-17:00
Sundays: 9:00-16:00


Mondays, national holidays (closed the following day when national holidays fall on a Monday), library maintenance days (4th Thursday of every month), special maintenance days (one week every November), New Year Period (December 28-January 3)

Library Guide

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Shimoda, as well as residents of Higashi Izu, Kawazu, Minami Izu, Matsuzaki, Nishi Izu and Numazu may use the library. Anyone is welcome to browse the library.

Borrowing for the First Time

Personal identification with your name and address (health insurance card, driver’s license, etc.) is required to make a library card. Non-residents of Shimoda are asked to provide a library card from their place of residence. Library cards are valid for three years and are automatically renewed when borrowing books. If three years passes from the last use, the card will be renewed on its next use. Cards will be cancelled after ten years of no use.


Please take resources you wish to borrow and your library card to the counter. A total of 12 books or magazines can be borrowed for up to two weeks (up to one week for magazines). Up to three new books can be borrowed at once.


Please return resources to the counter (a library card is not required). Please use the after hours returns slot when the library is closed. Please return resources borrowed on inter-library loan to the counter wherever possible to prevent damage. To renew borrowed resources, please bring them to the counter. Resources may be renewed once unless the item/s have been reserved by another library user.

Requests and Reservations

It is possible to reserve resources that are currently on loan. Up to five resources can be reserved at one time. It is possible to request resources that are not available in the library by filling in a request form (up to a total of five). It is also possible to borrow resources through inter-library loan (there are some resources that are not available on inter-library loan).


Library staff are able to assist with research and using library resources. Please enquire at the counter.

Internet Browsing Area

The internet is available for research, etc. Application times: Opening until 1 hour before closing. Details: Up to one hour per day per person (30min for people who don’t have a library card). It may be possible to use the internet for one additional hour only if there is no one else waiting. Guidelines: The internet is available to supplement library materials and to make it easier to search library resources and for no other purpose. Filtering software has been installed to prevent the viewing of websites that are deemed in appropriate in the library including chat, forums, social networking, etc. Please obey the following rules, those who can not obey the rules will not be forbidden from using the internet in the library. Children of elementary school age and younger must be accompanied by a guardian.
  1. The only services available are web browsing. Other services including E-mail (including web-based E-mail), chat, forums, file exchange (FTP), etc are forbidden.
  2. Downloading is not permitted. Floppy disks, CD-R, CD-ROM, MO, and other portable media can not be used.
  3. It is not possible to print.
  4. Do not alter the computer settings, software of home page settings.
  5. Please do not view sites that are not appropriate in a public place.
  6. The Shimoda Library takes no responsibility for any trouble arising from the use of the internet.


It is possible to copy library resources within copyright limits. Black and white only, 10yen per page.